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Any questions about our app?

Q: Why is there no sound in the app?

Before you start worrying, make sure that the sound is not switched off and the volume is not turned down. You can do this with control buttons on the side of your device. If you're on your iPad and the side sound switch doesn't work, it might be set up to lock the screen rotation instead of muting the sound. To change this, go to Settings -> General and change the "Use Side Switch To:" option. If you still can't hear a thing, try rebooting your device. Simply hold the sleep/wake button on top of your device until the screen goes darker. Then confirm by sliding the button right. Once the screen is completely black, you can turn it back on by holding the sleep/wake button for a couple of seconds. In case you're still experiencing problems with the sound, please contact us using the contact form.

Q: What devices are the app available for?

Our apps are available for the iPad, iPhone and most Android smartphones and tablets. We rigorously test all of our apps to make sure all users get the best experience possible out of our apps no matter what device they use, but sometimes compatibility issues arise due to the sheer number of different phones and tablets out there. If you have a specialty kids tablet, be careful about downloading apps from stores other than that tablet's own app store. While you can usually download our apps from Google Play, compatibility issues may arise because these children's tablets run modified versions of Android.

Q: Are the apps safe for kids to play alone?

Yes, the apps are perfectly safe for your children to play on their own. There is no advertising or additional payments inside the apps and all external links are child-protected. Also, no personal information is collected in the apps. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. However, remember that for best results, your child will need your assistance. It's also a wonderful opportunity to discuss certain topics with your children.

Q: If I or my child accidentally deletes an app, do I have to re-purchase it?

Nope! If you accidentally delete an app, or run into any other problems, you can re-download it for free as many times as you'd like. You just need to make sure you are logged on the same Apple, Google Play you used to purchase the app.

Q: My app crashes or closes unexpectedly.

If the iPad is your tablet of choice, there may be an easy fix: using four or five fingers at a time can sometimes trigger Multitasking Gestures — which may include closing an app. Just head to your general Settings, and toggle Multitasking Gestures to ‘off’. If problems persist, please get in touch.

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