Magic Spell ABC

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 12 December 2016

the J (“we”, “us”, “our”) respects your right to privacy and recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected and the choices we give you to control your information. This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by the J through our mobile application MAGIC SPELL-ABC and the use or disclosure of the information.

Personal Information

Personal Information is personally identifiable information that identifies a user as an individual. When you download, and use our mobile application, we do not require you to provide any information and we do not collect any personal information about you. However, by using MAGIC SPELL-ABC, you understand and agree that we are providing a platform for you to interact with your device’s camera with the option to create and share photos or video content. If you choose to share your content (created with our application) publicly (e.g. on social media), other users may see, use, save or share your content that you make publicly available. Please note that you can create and collect your content by using our application without sharing if you do not wish to allow other users to access your content.

Non-Personal Information

If you choose to share your content on social media using our mobile application, our service requires us to access your social networking applications and personal data stored on your device. Your personal data is used to access social media platforms only and will not be used or collected by us for any other purpose. We will access your camera and photos only after you give us your consent. We further do not collect any non-personally identifiable information (such as internet, Wi-Fi access, wake lock, device status, internal and external storage availability) that may be accessed when you are using our application.

Children’s Privacy

Our mobile application MAGIC SPELL-ABC respects the privacy of children under the terms of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). We do not knowingly collect or solicit any personal information from anyone under the age of 13. Hence, we will not collect or use any personal information of a child under the age of 13 and will delete any information as quickly as possible if collected without parental consent. If you believe that we might have such information, please contact us.

Request Support

Users can request support by sending us an e-mail if they have any support questions about the use of our application. If you submit a support request, we may receive your email address and other information that you provide to us. We will use your support information only. Your provided information will be deleted after we respond accordingly.


Cookies are small data files saved on a computer or a device that are used as unique identifiers. We use cookies to protect your personal information and to improve the quality of our service by storing user preferences and by tracking usage information. You may choose to disable cookies on your browser if you do not wish to continue with the availability and functionality of our service.


Our website and service may include links to other websites owned or operated by third parties. We are not affiliated with such third-party websites and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices and content of such third-party websites. If you wish to visit their websites, please review the terms and conditions of their privacy policies. The share link in our application is positioned with a secure parent gate. Children are not able to access this area by themselves.